aztek_the_lost's Lucifer #28 - Breaking & Entering review

A Story Without Lucifer...Just Isn't the Same

You see, I have to admit, as foolish as it may sound, the main reason I love the series Lucifer so much is because Lucifer is in it...he's a great character, and I love to see the way he thinks, it truly fascinates me. And thanks to a cast of other characters that surround him that also have some good stories themselves, I really enjoy the series. But when I get to an issue that is about to "fallen cherubs" trying to accomplish something and in the end failing, I wonder what did I just read? I mean seriously, the issue was more or less lame, I'll give it some props for being amusing at times and I did enjoy the whole thing at the end with Michael, but other than that...not really that amazing.


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