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n "The Thunder Sermon," a riveting stand alone issue, two teenagers scale the harrowing, ever-changing architecture that is Lux, Lucifer's L.A. home, risking their lives and ultimately far more for a glimpse of The Morningstar's gate. Meanwhile, Lucifer receives uninvited visitors - and an ultimatum.

A pull is felt on many mortals, a pull from the second universe that pulls them to the Lux where they believe something special will happen one day. One girl brings her friend with her, and with his help she scales the wall of the Lux and to their surprise they find a place far larger on the inside than it is on the outside. In that inside, somewhere else, Lucifer is surrounded by numerous beings obviously with wishes concerning his Creation but he refuses all of them a chance to speak with him except for Pharamond and Michael.

First he talks to Michael and is told of a threat but he ignores it. Than he is interrupted by Misran and Mazikeen and they talk about the fate of the Lilim but he refuses their offer, dishonoring them greatly. Finally he talks to his brother and is told Yahweh wants him to cease what he is doing but Lucifer becomes angry and splits the door into his creation into an infinite number of doorways, giving access to all beings...just to spite his father.

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Another spectacular addition to the Lucifer series, this issue plays out two big stories, that of Lucifer and that of Sherri and her male friend, and as usual, neither the story of Lucifer (one of my favorite characters in comics), or of the two nobodies that are never to be seen again disappointed me. I'll start with the story of the two nobodies, I thought it was great to have a whole story about them heading for a goal and then dying just because they prayed in the house of Lucifer. As for Lu...

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