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"Dalliance With the Damned," Part 2. In the region of Hell called Effrul, Christopher Rudd learns the true and terrible purpose behind the sufferings of the damned. Meanwhile, a bloody conspiracy threatens Effrul's fragile and decadent social order, and it seems that one of its targets is Lucifer Morningstar.

Duke Seviram's plans continue, but Hell's focus turns to Christopher Rudd, how could such a despicable creature be accepted within even the palaces of Hell? Lady Lys is disowned by even her own brother who plans to slay Rudd in a duel. Rudd himself however learns more about Hell, and a substance called pain and begins to hate Lys, shunning her practicies. At last he is challenged to a duel by her brother but he convinces the demon to use his human form to make it fair and within seconds, Rudd is victorious, slaying the fool. But before outrage can begin, a knock comes at the door and when Lord Arux goes to open it he finds two individuals standing in the doorway, Mazikeen and Lucifer!

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