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The first keeper of the Aurameres. She is against the Oracle's decision of giving the job of Guardianship to young, inexperienced Earth teenagers. She caused a lot of trouble for the girls by fusing the Aurameres together on purpose. She was then put on trial. During the Guardians' battle against Nerissa, it is revealed that Nerissa used Luba for her plans. Luba also sacrifices her immortality for the Guardians. Without her immortality she quickly dies because of her age. Luba is aggressive at times, but can be kind. She has a feline face and is over ten thousand years old.

She trains Orube as a fighter during Orube's childhood. It caused them to be close with each other. all the things that she have thought to Orube were very well applied. Not to question her arguements with the guardians.

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