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Lt Smith was the commander of a special ops force for the Australian S.A.S (special armed services). When the military decided to form a squad of super powered operatives to face unusual situations she was the automatic choice for it's leader. She is one of the top 3 hand to hand combatants in all the Australian armed forces, a master of weaponry from blades of all kinds to guns or demolitions. She is regarded as the best field tactician within the Australian armed forces. In combat the Lt carries no weapons preferring to take these from here enemies in the midst of battle, she wears a uniform made from a polymer fabric developed by the C.S.I.R.O that is impervious to small arms fire but does not restrict movement.On any mission that the southern Squadron has participated where Lt Smith was present in the field the mission has been successful unless the Lt has deliberately allowed a failure for moral reasons, the same can not be said when team members have been send on missions without her ( despite their powers there is only a 20% success rate of mission where members of the squad were involved without the Lt's tactical guidance ).

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