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Blonde, curvacious, and the master of head-splitting karate kicks, Beth Bower has the superhero biz in her blood. The daughter of Sixties counterculture heroes Freelove and White Rabbit, she was raised by sorcerer Dwayne Gusman, Master of the Queer. She became an overnight sensation as Caliber Jack's teenaged sidekick, Kid Caliber, but three years later Caliber Jack was killed by a supervillain. Beth spent a few years drifting rootlessly. After stints as sidekick to a string of minor heroes, and a failed attempt at college, she decided to go it as a solo superhero under the name Lovebunny. She struggles in obscurity, as that one spectacular superbattle that will restore her to the fame she once enjoyed continues to elude her. Miserable both in her professsional and love life, Lovebunny nonetheless remains optimistic that better things are around the corner. At least now she has a loyal friend and a sidekick of her own... the bizarre demon she has named Mr. Hell.    

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