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Second great issue of the most acclaimed new series (and old series, for that matter!) of the last several years, and we're not just giving you corporate spin when we say we think you'll like this even better than the first issue. You can tell Los Bros are just warming up... In Beto's "Julio's Day," Julio goes to school, encounters bullies, difficult school work, attention deficit disorder and the slow destruction of passion and creativity by the school system. Mario & Gilbert deliver part two of "Me for the Unknown" – a story filled with crooked politicians and revolution in the Comprachican bayou. And in Jaime's signature "Maggie," our heroine asks herself, "Does the world suck or do I suck? That is the question," while Izzy is still in her apartment and someone called The Frogmouth wants to be her best friend. Plus, the long-awaited return of Errata Stigmata in a short from Gilbert!

Story Titles

  • "Julio's Day" by Beto
  • "Maggie" by Jaime
  • "Me For The Unknown" by Mario and Beto
  • "Erratic Stigmata"
  • "Clip Art" featuring Roy and Natalia by Beto







Story Arcs

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