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Another outstanding issue of one of the most celebrated comics series ever! This time around, Jaime provides the concluding chapter of "Day by Day with Hopey," titled "Monday Ain't Just One Day": it's the first day of school for Hopey and the kids. Will she flunk like a skunk or soar to new heights? Be there or you'll be tardy and the principal will tan your hide. Gilbert in turn continues his prolific tradition with three stories: cult film star Fritz faces her father over a question of child abuse; Fritz's motivational speaker ex-husband Mark Herrera is invited to a mysterious exclusive club which may resurrect his fallen career; and in "Julio's Day," young Julio Juan discovers life in his new home isn't what you'd call comforting. We're counting down to issue 20 which will conclude the "Julio's Day" saga. Viva Los Bros!

Story Titles

  • "Blackouting" by Beto
  • "Day by Day with Hopey: Monday is Atilla the Hun Day" by Jaime
  • "Julio's Day" by Beto
  • "Day By Day with Hopey: Tuesday is...One More Tuesday!" by Jaime
  • "Dumb Solitaire: God's Eye-View"

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