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Look out for chapters Thursday and Friday of "Day by Day with Hopey" as the clock ticks away toward her new life and career. On the Beto side of the ledger, Mark Herrera returns to his abusive family for a visit, and in the latest installment of "Julio's Day," Julio's grandnephew encounters the long disowned Uncle Juan... plus another one-page "Kid Stuff Kids!"

Story Titles

  • "Home Sweet Stars" starring Space Queen by Jaime
  • "Baby Talk" Dumb Solitaire by Beto
  • "Day By Day with Hopey: Thursday is Her's Day" by Jaime
  • "Julio's Day" by Beto
  • "Day By Day with Hopey: Friday is Jai Alai Day" by Jaime
  • "The Kid Stiff Kids" by Beto
  • "Dumb Solitaire: Where the Heart Is" by Beto
  • "The Divining Runes of Merro Mosso" by Mario and Beto

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