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In the second installment of "Day by Day with Hopey," Jaime delivers "Wednesday is Bitter Ends Day," in which Hopey prepares for her new career and must decide what to do for lunch: eat at home or go out? Decisions, decisions! Meanwhile, Julio's nephew, Julio Tomas, discovers rock and roll in the 1950s. In the here and now, washed-up motivational speaker Mark Herrera, determined to expose the mystery of the Sea Hog, goes after his five ex-wives for help — including fourth wife Fritz, who is now a B-movie actress!

Story Titles

  • "Song of the Sea-Hog" Dumb Solitaire by Beto
  • "Angel of Tarzana" by Jaime
  • "The Kid Stuff Kids" by Beto
  • "Day By Day with Hopey: Wednesday is Bitter Ends Day" by Jaime
  • "Angel of Tarzana" by Jaime
  • "Did You Get Got?" by Jaime
  • "Julio's Day" by Beto
  • "Angel of Tarzana"."Cream City" by Jaime

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