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Turn back the pendulum

Over a 100 years before the main story line takes place, we are taken to a story to reveal in greater detail, how the events of today came to pass. At that time, that man who would later become one of the Vizards, Love Aikawa, served as one of the many shinigami in the goeti 13. Their he was the captain of the seventh division. Love makes his first appearance, right after Hiyori, has kicked Shinji Hirako in the face. The captain of the 5th division, and the two of them would end up being Love's vizard comrades. Love then goes on to hit Hiyori, on the top of her head, and tells her to act her age, to apologize to Shinji, and wonders why she has to be so difficult. A clearly angry and upset Hiyori responds, by saying who died and made him king, and that it is not in his jurisdiction to be attacking lieutenants. Love says someone has to keep her in check, otherwise she'll just run a muck.
Behind their backs, Shiinji is shown to be making strange faces at Hiyori, which only makes her even more angry at him. Hiyori says that she is gonna kick his ass. Love says that, she's rubber and he's glue. When  asked by Shinji what the head count is, he tells him that everyone is already here. Shinji wonders where the 11th division captain is, which Love says he marches to the beat of his own drum. Shinji wonders why such a loose cannon is allowed in the division. Love tells him that it has always been a tradition that the chosen Kenpachi be the 11th division captain, and that its no use crying over it. Next Shunsui, along with Ukitake and Lisa arrive on the scene. Love is quite surprised that Shunsui has arrived on time. Stating that hell must have froze over. Along with the other captains, Love is at the meeting to meet the newly appointed captain Kisuke. As the former captain had been promoted to the royal guard.
Many years later, the 9th division, were investigating the mysterious disappearances that were happening around soul society, but they to would end up going missing. It was then that the captain commander called an emergency meeting. He states, that these disappearances, were just another incident, but now the pride of the imperial guards, rest on them getting to the bottom of this. . Love ends up being one of those sent, along with Shinji, Rose, Hachigen, Lisa and Hiyori who went before the others. Love then arrives on the scene, along with the others, but moments after Shinji, who has just saved Hiyori from Kensei who has underwent, a hollow transformation. Along with the others Love looks on shocked, at what his friend has become.
Shinji goes on to tell Love and the others, that he doesn't know if that is really Kensei but if they do not draw their swords, then they'll die. Love and the others decide to move in on Kensei, but he proves to fast and appears behind Love, knocking him away. Love then begins panting from the attack, a lot of his clothing on the right side being torn. At that moment, the other begin their attack on Kensei. Suddenly Mashiro arrives, and reveals that she to has undergone a hollow transformation. Luckily Hachi arrives on the scene and uses a kido spell to capture Hiyori, and uses on on Kensei as he's fighting Love.
With the help of Hachi, they manage to finally subdue Kensei, but then Hiyori attacks Shinji, having undergone her own hollow transformation. Shocked Love and the other move in on Hiyori, but wonder what the hell is going on. Love calls out to Lisa and Rose, but is attacked from behind by Kaname Tosen. Revealing that it was him who had betrayed Kensei, his own captain. Then Aizen and Gin arrive, revealing that Kaname was following his orders and that it was him who was behind it all. After Shinji undergoes a transformation of his own, Kisuke and Tessei arrive and drive Aizen and his companions back. Kisuke attempts to save Love and the others, but is not entirely successful. The following day Kisuke is arrested, but escapes with the help of Yoruichi, and along with the vizards, they create untraceable gigai and hide out in the real world. 

Arrancar Arrives!

 Love about to reveal his Hollow Mask
Love is introduced to Ichigo and his friends together with his fellow Vizard and enemy Arrancar. He's also one of the Vizards who help Ichigo with the awakening of his Hollow powers. He witnesses Ichigo's Hollow taking over and attacking Hiyori, and stops Ichigo together with his fellow Vizards.

While Ichigo fights his Inner Hollow within his mind the Vizards battle the Hollow Ichigo in the physical world, Love is seen reading the latest isssue of Shonen Jump. Love is the third to battle Ichigo. and is about to reveal his Hollow mask when Ichigo returns to normal.
While Ichigo is training to control his inner Hollow, Orihime Inoue slips through the barriers Hachi created. After she had talked to Ichigo and Hachi, Love remarked that Hachi's barriers are perfect. And that it does require some skill and power to infiltrate through one. Love is later seen leaving the warehouse with the other Vizard to fight in the upcoming conflict.

Fake Karakura Town

 He is seen with the rest of the Vizard arriving at the fake Karakura Town, arriving just as Aizen, Gin, and Tosen are released from their fire prison. After Shinji asks his fellow Vizard if they have something to say to their former allies, Love shrugs it off.  The Vizards then all don their masks and prepare for battle. Love stands ready for battle as the other Vizards draw their Zanpakutō and attack the Gillian. During the fight Love exhibits incredible strength, speed and fighting prowess.

Rose and Love are teamed up together and they are about to face Coyote Starkk. Stark asks if they are strong and request that they keep their masks on. To which Love smirks and says that they are Superheroes, so they only last 3 minutes. The battle between Rose, Love and Starkk escalates. With both Love and Rose taking quite a beating.  After a little squabble between Rose and Love, Love attacks Starkk releasing his Shikai.

Starrk fires a volley of ceros from his gun, but Love's Shikai blocks and dissipates them, prompting Love to say that it wont work. He then proceeds to try to

 Love trying to attack Starkk

crush Starrk, but Starrk moves only to be knocked out of the air by Loves attack, causing him to crash into the building below. Love realises Starkk is moving slower and his reaction has become duller. He figures that Starrk may be plotting something and that they should take a look. Rose states they should wait until the smoke clears and goes further stating that he can't believe he lost the chance at a second strike because of his own attack. Love tells him to shut up as he hasn't lost yet.  

After the smoke clears Love and Starkk engage each other one on one. Love then dons his mask, he then uses his shikai special ability only for Starrk to escape the attack. Love is confused as to where the Espada got to and Rose points out that he's up above him. Love looks up to see Starrk with a large pack of wolves.  Starrk orders his wolf pack to attack, Love trying to beat them away with his club while also using his mask.Upon seeing Rose's whip go through the wolves he comments that the wolves are like flames. The wolves are made to detonate when in close range of the enemy, both Love and Rose take heavy damage. 
As Love and rose lay exhausted between the rubble, Starkk is suddenly stabbed by a sword. The sword coming from no one else but Shunsui Kyoraku.
Starkk and Kyoraku battle, in which Kyoraku gains the upperhand and kills Starkk. After the fight Kyoraku, Love and Rose chat about the past. 

Love is next seen with the several unoccupied Captains and Vizards planning to
The Vizard and the Gotei 13 ready to battle Aizen
protect Ichigo Kurosaki from Aizen and his shikai. After Shinji explains that protecting Ichigo is important and that the battle is all of theirs, Love charges at Aizen together with Shinji, Rose, and Lisa. When Rose tries attacking Aizen with his Zanpakuto, Aizen catches it with one hand and pulls him in, attacking once he's close. Aizen then uses Rose's weapon to wrap up Love and once he is pulled in close enough, he strikes him with his sword. Love falls from the sky after the attack.  

Powers and Abilities

As a former captain, Love has mastery over swordsmanship, shunpo, kido magic and martial arts. Besides his teachings Love also possesses enhanced strength and immense spiritual power. Like all Shinigami Love has a Zanpakutō.

 Tengumaru released


Tengumaru (lit: Long-Nosed Goblin): In its sealed form, Tengumaru is an average katana with a white hilt-wrapping and heart-shaped guard. After becoming a Vizard Love begins to carry his Katana over his shoulder.
  • Shikai: His release command is Crush. Tengumaru transforms into a giant mace with the ability to control fire. Love is quite handy in wielding the mace and has been seen wiping out large amounts of Hollows with it. The mace is strong enough to deflect Cero's.
  • Bankai: Because Love used to be a former captain, he should be able to access his Bankai. It has not yet been revealed.

Special Techniques:

  • Hifuki no Kodzuchi (Fire-Blowing Gavel): Love swings Tengumaru downwards and fire blows out from the tip of Tengumaru. The resulting blast is strong enough to cave in buildings near the center of the impact. But it is currently unknown what happens when the enemy is struck by this technique, since Starrk vanished before he could be hit with this attack.
     Love's Hollow Mask

Hollow Powers:

  • Because Love is partially Hollow he can don a mask, giving him powers similar to Hollows. His strength, speed and durability are enhanced.

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