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His reasons of staying a werewolf are a somewhat unknown, but his main reason is mainly because he believes that in his wolf form, he's much better looking than his human form. His job as a bounty hunter has it's perks when hunting as a werewolf, making it easier to hunt down criminal, or as sometimes border patrol. Lou's time hunting these criminals make him question if his life has purpose at all, even question his faith in God.As he began hunting a criminal over in a small suburban neighborhood, his hunt lead to a racist neo-nazi, who referred to Lou as "nigger dog," after that outburst, more men came out wanting to kill Lou and his friend Wendell, they were beaten to a bloody pulp and humiliated. After coming back home from a hard days work, Lou sees an old friend named Deschain a Midnight Man, something that is still uinknown. and his daughter Daisy, Lou was asked to help Deschain to help him patrol the border, there have been immigrants coming from a tunnel and Lou's strength could open the hatch. With Lou's acute hearing they were able to find the truck with immigrants, but what they found was something worse, a horde of vampires feeding off the immigrants and began attacking Lou and Deschain.

After a successful slaughter of the vampires they turn their attention to the smuggler, they couldn't get anything out of him, Deschain used his magic to scare the man before letting Lou have his fun with him. Lou quickly thre a claw slashing off his head, after the patrol, Lou is made aware that he and Wendell are heading to Las Vegas for another bounty.

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