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Lou Martin was a skinny slacker who had little interests outside of eating, sleeping, and playing video games. One day a mysterious package appeared on his front stoop that knocked him out for two days after he opened it. When he awoke, he possessed a huge, muscular body with inhuman strength (something that takes him a day or so to notice). He later meets Lauren Isley (and her cat), Francis Dutton, Val Andrist, and a guy called the Gecko, all of whom have powers of their own (including the cat), and they eventually make him the leader of their group even though he didn't want to be.

It's later discovered that all these superpowers are because of Zinnac and Yoof, two alien college students that were doing their thesis on heroes in Earth culture. To further this study, they sent EEM's (Extreme Enhancement Modules) through the mail that, when opened, would attach themselves to the heart of the recipient and grant them superpowers. Lou however, received his EEM by accident. His EEM was intended for Martin Lewis, an upstanding law student and school teacher, but it ended up getting sent to Lou by mistake because Yoof didn't realize that last names are printed first in phone books. To further complicate things, the EEM that Lou received was designed to attract trouble in order to lead other EEM-enhanced people to him, and so he finds himself dealing with various villains such as Nunzio and his crew, as well as Tyrannosaurus Reich.

Overall, Lou keeps finding himself caught up in impossible adventures that he rarely wishes to deal with since he is still a slacker at heart who wants to do nothing but eat, sleep, and play video games.

Powers and Abilities

The EEM that Lou was implanted with grants him extraordinary strength, intelligence, and durability. However, his slacker nature keeps him from fully making use of these abilities as he is usually unwilling to fight unless properly motivated, and he is rarely able to use his enhanced intelligence since his laziness usually keeps him from using it. He can however make use of his intelligence subconsciously at times, or if he manages to concentrate hard enough.

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