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Lothar is one of the first black crime fighting heroes in history as well as one of the first black characters to be treated with respect. First being portrayed as wearing small shorts, fez, and a leopard skin and speaking poor English, his muscle far exceeded his mind. He was modernized in 1965 by artist Fred Fredericks. His clothes changed, he began speaking correct English and was portrayed more as Mandrake's friend, partner and equal than as a simple manservant. Lothar and Mandrake are considered one of if not the first interracial crime fighting teams.

Often credited as "The Strongest Man in the World," Lothar lives up to this title. Lothar is Mandrake's best friend and crime fighting partner. He first met Mandrake when the magician was traveling through Africa. Lothar was the "Prince of the Seven Nations," a great union of tribes. He gave up a chance to be king to travel the globe with Mandrake fighting evil in all its forms.

Lothar in Defenders of the Earth

Lothar and Mandrake appeared as regular characters in the 80's cartoon Defenders of the Earth, alongside other King Features characters such as Flash Gordon, The Phantom and Ming the Merciless.

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