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Lord Thane
Son of the leader of the Ano-Athox, Uthana Thoth, Thane is the prince of the Ano-Athox. He is a blood thirsty and loyal warrior, and is actively encouraged by his father to employ and embrace his savage, unforgiving nature, and to slaughter all those who stand in the way of the mighty Ano-Athox. Like all Ano-Athox, Lord Thane's skin, seems bloodstained, crimson red, almost like his bloodthirsty nature. He is one of the first to breach the wall separating Midgard and Asgard and the rest of the Nine Realms, from the point of origin his race formerly occupied. Sent as the very first wave of attack, Lord Thane is victorious when he leads the Ano-Athox in their bid to conquer Alfheim.  
The sky rained with blood, and the swords of the Ano-Thox, cut fast and swift. There was no doubt in the outcome, and Uthana Thoth was pleased with his sons actions. Now with his father by his side, the two warriors were able to attack the realm of Nidavellir next. Their victory coming as fast.  
However things were different in their campaign in Svartalfheim, as the two Asgardian warriors, Balder and Tyr were waiting, ready to attempt to halt the crushing war machine that had been the World Eaters, the Ano-Athox. In heated battle, outnumbered and outgunned the two gods of Asgard managed to strike a brutal blow to many of the Ano-Athox. The massive mountain of a man Thane, directly engaged the Norse War god Tyr, Both warriors dealt heavy damage unto each other, Tyr thrown to a large group of Ano-Athox, his weapon stuck in Thane's throat. Weaponless the Asgardian god of War was quick to die. Thane was alive but barely. He gurgled blood, and Lord Balder was quick to finish what his ally had started, and he struck a lethal blow to Lord Thane's neck, ending him. Balder's attack against their prince, provoking the remaining Ano-Athox, who quickly slew Balder in turn. His proud father lamenting his loss, he sets sight on Asgard with increased motivation to crush the Asgardians.  


Thane of the Ano-Athox was created and designed by Matt Fraction and Pasqual Ferry. His first appearance was in Thor #615, and the character debuted with several other members of the Ano-Athox race, including his father the King, Uthana Thoth 

Powers and Abilities

Lord Thane appears somewhat analogous to the many standard gods that fill the ranks of many Earth pantheons. He was able to go to to toe with the Norse War god Tyr, and survive a sword blow to the neck. He was proficient and killing en masse, the many inhabitants of Alfheim and Nidavellir. He was a large man, and he carried a giant battle sword. 

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