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Lord Marmaduke (Snooty to his friends) of Bunkerton first appeared in very first issue of The Beano in 1938.

He was brought up by his Aunt Matilda, and his friends include Skinny Lizzie, Hairpin Huggins, Happy Hutton, Scrapper Smith, Rosie, Snitch and Snatch. A guard named Samuel, also appeared. His enemies are called the Gasworks Gang. Later on, in 1950, Happy, Lizzie and Hairpin left and were replaced by Big Fat Joe, Doubting Thomas, Swanky Lanky Liz, Contrary Mary the mule, Polly (the token black girl - she would disappear in the 1980s because of this), and her dog Pongo, who had all appeared in The Beano previously in their own strips.

Alternate Versions

Lord Snooty the Third

The comic strip continues to be published in the The Beano today under the guise of Lord Snooty the Third, who is the original Snooty's grandson. He has his own group of friends, and a butler named Parkinson, who is named after artist Nigel Parkinson.

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