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Requiem putting Mortis in his place
Lord Mortis is first sighted in a bar talking with Claudia Demona and the Black Knight Baron Samedi. He tried attacking a barmaid for a snack, but Requiem stopped him and assaulted Baron Samedi before Claudia convinced Mortis and Samedi to withdraw.
Samedi, Claudia, and Mortis post-London
Mortis is later seen in the attack on London when the vampire knights were sent in to eradicate mutant rebels. Though he did not appear to contribute much, the fact that he survived the battle is a testament to his combat prowess.

Powers and Abilities

Mortis is physically weaker than Requiem and much more conniving, taking a sneakier approach to Requiem's honorable combat. It is assumed Mortis has inherited most, if not all, of a traditional vampire's abilities regardless of the absence of evidence showing this.

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