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Comic book

Ghostly Farquaad
Lord Farquaad has returned to the land of the living after his first encounter with Shrek and his friends, but this time as a ghost. He still wishes to marry Princess Fiona, this way he can still become king albeit king of the underworld. He rallies up his trusty executioner Thelonious and after torturing The three little pigs and Pinocchio he manages to find out the whereabouts of Shrek, Fiona and Donkey. With no time to waste he sends out Thelonious to kidnap Fiona whom in return is chased by Shrek and Donkey. But this is all part of Lord Farquaad's plan as he awaits them at the cemetery. When Shrek and Donkey finally arrived he used his newfound powers to turn a huge stone dragon to life to kill them. But they manage to escape with the help of Dragon (donkey's girlfriend). In the meantime Lord Farquaad joins Thelonious to say farewell to Fiona as she's being tied on a raft heading for a waterfall. If she's dead, he could take her place at his side as his dead queen of the underworld. But Shrek and Donkey manage to save her in time and chase Lord Farquaad away and resume their honeymoon.

Movie: Shrek

Ah, the life of a king.
This start goes in front of the comic. It starts off with Lord Farquaad needing a bride to be king of his country Duloc. He searches with the help of the enchanted mirror for a suitable bride and finds Fiona to be the best match. Meanwhile Shrek's swamp is being overrun by magical creatures who seek refuge from Lord Farquaad whom has issued an order for all magical beings to be imprisoned. Shrek doesn't agree and goes with Donkey on a quest to get his swamp back, and find Lord Farquaad who promises them to give him back his swamp if he brings Princess Fiona to him. Shrek agrees and manage to save the princess and bring her back to Lord Farquaad, but in the meantime Shrek and Fiona have developed feelings for each other. Just when Lord Farquaad is about to marry Fiona, Shrek comes bursting to the door anouncing he loves her. Outraged by this, Lord Farquaad demands them both to be killed but a dragon flies through the window and eats him.

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