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A power hungry demon operating on the West coast of the United States under the guise of Michael Evitz, owner of Creative Control Artists Talent Agency (CCA). 
Evitz  assisted Carter Clark, another demon in disguise, who wanted to become the President of the United States. With his ability to publicize Carter much as he would a movie star, it seemed the already well liked televangelist would be an easy person to get the Republican nomination. Secretly, Evitz had is own sinister plans of whose hands the true power would lie in. The only thing that could possible stop him just so happened to be in town - Avengelyne
When she learned their plan, Avengelyne came to stop them, only to be captured. She was set free by her friend Carrie and faced off one on one with Evitz, who quickly showed to be superior in strength and ability. He claimed that he had killed thousands of angels and not even her skills were a match for his own. Avengelyne was saved from death by Carrie, who plunged Avengelyne's fallen sword through Evitz's chest. Although the blade missed his heart, Evitz was forced to retreat. 

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