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Mitchell Wardlow was under appreciated physicist. He lived in Los Alamos, New Mexico in solitude while he worked on how to understand chaos.  
He believed that even chaos has an order and if he could explain it, he would be famous. When one day again working behind his desk, he suffered a heart attack, and died. However it happened in times when Pandora Effect hit earth. Mitchell woke in his cabin surging with new knowledge, now he knew exactly how ordered chaos was.  

New God
 For months he wrote all kinds of equations and calculations, rechecking them often, but he was still missing something. It all changed when a mysterious sign appeared in the crop, it was the key to all his answers. Using the key, he tried his formula few times before moving on to bigger things. He now was sure that he can recreate and mold the reality as he sees fit. Sensing a great change in the air, he made some modifications on himself.  
Witnessing the death of Armageddon and the Uncreation wave that followed it, he used his powers and the Nexus of all things to alter the results of this wave. Uncreation turned to recreation, and where once stood one world there were now eight. He renamed himself as Lord Chaos, and he was now the ultimate creator. Recreation of the universe drained him of portion of his power, and now he had but lesser omnipotence.  
However he discovered one flaw in his creation; it was Bedlam, who was not created by him, and was beyond his power to alter or remove from existence. Lord Chaos then sealed three earths from Bedlam, as they matured and vanished from sight to watch over his creation.

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