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Founder of Blackpool Armaments, a wealthy and powerful man, his business deals with creating, selling weapons, and mechanical constructs. He is unusually cruel and seems to hold no value for life, and is quick to punish his own employees with death for disobedience. His interest with Lady Mechanika stems from her unique mixture of organic and inorganic artificial mechanical parts. He views himself as an entrepreneur who will revolutionize the world with his contraptions and machines. He claims to be a man of vision, and when he fails to take Lady Mechanika by force, he attempts to appeal to her with the good they could do to the world with his vision and her parts. Blackpool is not above hiring others to attain Mechanika, as he has employed the services of Commander Winter to acquire Mechanika  


Created by Joe Benitez and Peter Steigerwald, Lord Blackpool, first appeared in Lady Mechanika #0.  

Powers and Abilities

Relies on weapons and henchman.  Injuries he sustained fighting against Lady Mechanika, have meant he has had to seek mechanical replacements. Most notably his jaw and leg.    

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