Is he the DC version of The Hulk ?

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Is this guy the DC vertion of The Hulk ? I mean... "

Eddie Walker was originally able to turn into his Loose Cannon persona only at night, and would be forcibly turned back into his crippled human state once daybreak hit. As Loose Cannon, Eddie Walker has considerably increased size, strength, durability, stamina, and regenerative healing capabilities. Eddie changes color as when he gets angrier, and each colored state makes him progressively bigger and stronger. His colored states go from blue to purple, to red, and lastly white. His white state is his strongest and is only brought on by extreme rage; this state is unfortunately considerably dangerous, as Eddie can barely form a coherent thought while he's in it. Loose Cannon's strength level has yet to be gauged, but he has been shown to be strong enough to match the Eradicator." The sounds just like the Hulk ?

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Wow that sounds like the Hulk alright. Kind of like a Rambow Hulk.

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Yeah he's a rip-off of Hulk...

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