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Seeing Red

A bull escapes a farm and finds its way onto a football field just as it's being painted. With a white stripe on its back, will Pepe Le Pew find true love?

Flower Power

After being annoyed by numerous Earth probes, Marvin the Martian decides to teach Earth a lesson. He prepares his latest creation, the Flora Destructus Weed. With the weed a little on the affectionate side, Marvin may has to try to teach the plant a lesson before he can teach Earthlings a lesson.

Talent For Disaster

When Hubie and Bertie, the mice, overtake Elmer's refrigerator, he sends his cat, Claude, after them. The clever mice soon convince Claude that he may have what it takes to become an actor. Will he have what it takes to take the stage? And what will Elmer think of all this?

The Sweet Smell of Success

Actress Pamela Paris Lohanderson thinks she has escaped from Pepe Le Pew (she has a white stripe in her hair, natch), she makes her way to a deserted island. She is the host of Last Cad Stranded, a show where thugs fight to see who will win the million dollar prize. This week's thug/contestants include, Wile E. Coyote, Sylvester the Cat, Rocky and Mugsy, Witch Hazel, and Yosemite Sam. But wait, it looks like Pepe hitch a ride on an unfortunate submarine.

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