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Loo is the five year old daughter of Amma and Jove, a couple who run the local tavern Melaka Fray the slayer usually visits. Melaka takes it upon herself to look after Loo especially when one of the tavern's customers, a 42 year old man names Ketty Rawls bullies Loo, calling her a freak due to her blind right eye and mssing left arm. Melaka nicknames Loo, Rocketmouth due to her ability to talk fast and long about almost anything. Loo looks up to Mel, seeing her as a big sister and a hero. Her parents however do not like the idea of her hanging around Melaka, due to the fact Melaka is a thief and often started fights in their tavern.


Melaka Returns home to find her apartment is a mess. It isn't till she tosses aside what used to be a small table that she sees Loo's body, her neck apparently having been snapped. At first Mel asssumes it was her brother, Harth who did the deed, a message from him informing her of her inability to look after those she cares about. When Mel walks into the tavern carrying Loo's body, Amma punches her in the face. This act however is done out of grief and not so much as blaming Mel for the death of her daughter. While preparing for her battle with Harth, Urkonn accidentally lets it slip that Vampires are unable to enter a home without an invitation. Knowing full well she has never invited a vampire into her home Mel is able to figure out that it was he who killed Loo. It is unknown if Urkonn felt remorse for Loo’s death, but is revealed he only did it to motivate Mel into fighting her war and restore balance in the world. Mel eventually avenges Loo by killing Urkonn.



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