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Tattoo, Mutant

A student of the Xavier Institute, the young girl called Tattoo can display messages or designs on her skin. she and her brother Radian manifested their powers during church left her confused because of the sudden change of skin color and hair loss , She was one on the students who were mentally controlled by Cassandra Nova to attack Wolverine and Beast. Tattoo and the other students were freed from Nova's control by the Stepford Cuckoo's.

Tattoo became romantically involved with a Telepath named Slick, but after Quentin showed Slicks true form as a dwarf like creature she broke up with him. Tattoo has now joined the Omega Gang, led by Quetin Quire, in taking up a militaristic pro-mutant movement. They were shown together with the rest of the Omega Gang beating a group of five young men (all humans), possibly to death, while on Kick; it is heavily implied that they attacked other humans afterward.

After the Omega Gang started a riot at the Xavier Institute they were defeated by the X-men. Tattoo, Radian and Redneck were sent to 'regular human jail', and were not mentioned again. We are later told that Tattoo was one of the many mutants to lose their powers after M-day.

New Warriors

New Warriors

Tattoo joined the New Warriors under the new codename Longstrike. Unfortunately, she was killed by Cancer, one of the members of the renewed Zodiac team, right in front of her brother Radian, who also joined the New Warriors as Phaser.


As Tattoo

Tattoo has a bio phasing ability which allows her to put her hand into another persons body and alter their molecular composition. She can also create tattoos on her body to camouflage herself.

As Longstrike

Depowered New Warrior

As Longstrike she wore a variant of Stilt-Man's suit with extendable legs and super strength.

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