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Mojo is using Spiral powers to make people worship him and build a huge church in his honor.

Longshot finds Rita, but she is almost dead, without a soul inside her. Doctor Strange takes her to his Sanctorum to try to save her.

Longshot and Quark find and battle Mojo and Spiral, but at the end Longshot couldn't kill him and they vanish.

Doctor Strange succeds on saving Rita and then tell Longshot to destroy Mojo's tower, because it is the source of all his powers.

Again Longshot touches something (a horse) and senses things about his past. He remembers about Arize again, and that he had told him to escape that dimension with his friends. Then Longshot decides that he should go back and freed them all after destroying Mojo.

Longshot and Quark make some bombs and use it to destroy Mojo's tower. Mojo uses his powers to paralize Longshot and Quark, and when Spiral is about to kill them, Doctor Strange and Rita show up and she shoots Spiral's hands.

At the end, Doctor Strange opens a portal to Mojoverse and Longshot kicks Mojo back. Then he decides to go back also and rescue his former friends, slaves in Mojoverse. Spiral stays behind and Rita goes with Longshot and Quark.

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