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Lolly Pop was one of the world's richest men, but whenever his son, Archie, asked for anything, no matter how small and reasonably priced, Lolly insisted on trying to do things on the cheap, usually with disastrous results that ended up costing him far more than it would have if he had simply bought what his son wanted in the first place. Lolly also occasionally conceived of schemes to use his son to generate further wealth for Lolly, but these usually backfired too; for example, upon learning that a football player's transfer fee could be a million pounds, Lolly immediately tried to force Archie to start training to become a professional football player, but when Lolly tried to demonstrate to Archie the proper way to kick a ball he accidentally broke a glazier's load when he kicked and had to pay for the damages.


Lolly Pop was created by Reg Parlett and debuted in the Shake section of Shiver and Shake #1 on 10th March 1973. He and Archie survived their original title's demise and merger into Whoopee!; they continued appearing in their new home into the 1980s.

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