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Loki has somehow defeated Thor and has become Master of Asgard.

Loki has demanded a structure be built for the planned execution of Thor at dawn. he also demands that the rainbow bridge be destroyed.

Loki then goes to see Karnilla so that she might show him the other Loki's that Balder spoke of earlier

He see a multitude of Lokis and Thors and always the same ending of him being tied to the Rock of Eternity with the poisonous worm above him.

Upon learning is fate Loki storms off and curses Karnilla and her visions.

Meanwhile a shadowy figure from Jotunheim arrives in the outskirts of Asgard looking for Loki.

Loki goes to see Thor, who is still chained in his cell. Loki rants to Thor that Loki was always the better brother and that Karnilla's visions would not effect him.

After leaving Thor Loki meets up with Lady Frigga and she dares Loki to see his father Odin.

Odin and Loki argue over what Odin was thinking when he brought Loki home to Asgard.

Loki reveals to Odin that he plans on cutting off Thor's head at dawn.

As Loki is leaving the castle he is approached by the shadowy figure is his mother Farbauti

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The cover of Loki #3 is very similar to the cover of the previous issue, but the perspective is even more dramatic. Likewise, the interior of this issue outdoes every previous one. Loki has heard from Balder and Karnilla that there are many Lokis across the planes and that all are fated to the same destiny. But Loki isn't willing to accept that he's merely a pawn of fate. He believes that he should not be expected to suffer as a criminal if he is fated to that, therefore he rejects fate in order...

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