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577386 BlueEcho Character Overview 12/02/14 01:47PM 37 Approved
562118 ord1 Character Overview 11/08/14 04:30PM 8 Approved
554127 catonez Character Overview Add more info, some editing. 10/24/14 11:18PM 7 Denied
523382 catonez Character Overview Added new image, more info, and some editing. 09/06/14 02:09AM 20 Approved
411046 Bruxae Character Overview 04/12/14 04:02AM 3 Approved
391610 Lileee2 Character Overview 03/18/14 12:41PM 16 Approved
358388 Darkside_of_the_Sun Character Overview 02/04/14 03:02AM 3 Approved
309838 MarcosVergara14 Character Overview 12/21/13 09:15PM 14 Approved
296505 LiveLaughLove1010 Character Overview 12/07/13 06:06PM 396 Denied
269411 catonez Character Overview 11/05/13 09:23PM 1 Approved
268149 Saren Character Overview 11/04/13 10:07PM 65 Approved
267650 pikahyper Character Overview 11/04/13 12:27PM 2 Approved
218866 catonez Character Overview 09/21/13 11:44PM 1 Approved
215055 catonez Character Overview 09/18/13 01:35AM 16 Approved
211264 CrazyScarecrow Character Overview Adding base to the character profile 09/13/13 10:50PM 1 Approved
211226 CrazyScarecrow Character Overview Cleaning up the page and adding character profile for Lois Lane 09/13/13 09:27PM 24 Approved
199198 catonez Character Overview 08/30/13 07:44PM 1 Approved
198549 catonez Character Overview Adding new images 08/30/13 03:05AM 5 Approved
198463 catonez Character Overview some editing, adding flashpoint. 08/29/13 09:56PM 83 Approved
196518 catonez Character Overview some editing 08/28/13 03:05AM 19 Approved
196412 catonez Character Overview Adding more information and some editing. 08/27/13 11:03PM 212 Denied
195043 catonez Character Overview Adding more information and some editing. 08/26/13 11:35PM 273 Approved
185280 batpala Character Overview 08/16/13 03:56AM 22 Approved
148378 Fhiz Character Overview 07/14/13 07:23PM 1 Approved
113879 Darkside_of_the_Sun Character Overview 06/18/13 05:33PM 3 Approved
111405 HBKTimHBK Character Overview Man of Steel is out, and I added a better picture and better characterization. 06/16/13 04:00PM 34 Approved
28264 catonez Character Overview Editing and adding information in character evolution. 04/20/13 05:51AM 50 Approved
27899 pikahyper Character Overview 04/20/13 12:37AM 16 Approved
27756 Imaginathor Character Overview 04/19/13 06:35PM 15 Approved
15377 catonez Character Overview New image of Lois Lane 04/09/13 11:20PM 1 Approved
14470 catonez Character Overview Fixed typo, removed accidental bolding of text. 04/08/13 10:36PM 1 Approved
14313 catonez Character Overview Adding Lois's appearance in Superman vs The Elite, Superman: Unbound, Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox. More accurate and up to date information of Lois's appearance and development on Smallville, and some editing. 04/08/13 08:35PM 73 Approved
13080 catonez Character Overview Adding new photo of Lois Lane and Clark Kent 04/07/13 03:26AM 1 Approved
13060 catonez Character Overview New photo of Erica Durance as Lois Lane 04/07/13 02:10AM 1 Approved
13055 catonez Character Overview New photo of Kate Bosworth and Margot kidder as Lois Lane 04/07/13 01:07AM 1 Approved
12902 catonez Character Overview 04/06/13 08:08PM 1 Denied
12888 catonez Character Overview New photo of Teri Hatcher as Lois Lane 04/06/13 07:59PM 1 Approved
12869 catonez Character Overview New photo of Margot Kidder as Lois Lane 04/06/13 07:45PM 1 Approved
11959 catonez Character Overview New photo of Noel Neill as Lois Lane 04/06/13 02:31AM 1 Approved
11880 catonez Character Overview New photo of Amy Adams as Lois Lane 04/05/13 07:20PM 1 Approved
11351 catonez Character Overview Adding more information,and some editing 04/05/13 03:00AM 17 Approved
10775 catonez Character Overview Inaccurate information, Lois's personality was based on Torchy Blane, Siegle only took her name from Lola Lane. This is mentioned in Time magazine. Also some editing. 04/04/13 05:53AM 100 Approved

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