The Worship Room

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Last weekend I got my hands on some old Lois Lane issues (like the 1960s series) and I got to read and review some of them.  One of the most memorable was an issue where Lois marries Bruce Wayne instead of Superman and proceeds to having a life with him instead (including a child.)  This was a fun imaginary tale but one thing kind of caught me off guard.  It is not that Superman willingly wants to lose Lois to Bruce, he really wants to marry her.  Bruce too is revealed as pining away over Lois for many years but fearing to do so because she is Superman's girl.  The problem in both case I see it is that both heroes in order to mitigate their love for Lois kept rooms aside in the Batcave and Fortress of Solitude which were basically worship rooms.   

I know that this is a little out of the era and maybe not fair to criticize, but suffice to say that we would never see something like this in a modern day comic, and for the main reason that it is kind of obsessive and kind of creepy to do this for a woman that you are not even in a relationship with.  I guess it speaks to something of the creators at the time (and maybe even the culture then) that they thought that something like this would be acceptable, but I guess there is no surprise that this is the first time that a modern comic reader would have seen something like this.
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@etragedy: I should have done an internet check to see if someone else had written something on this ...
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No, your review was good. I just found that other one hilarious.

I would get in on more roundtable discussions if we talked about stuff like this - I'm not always up on everything that's going on every month in Marvel and DC, but I read a lot of back issues.

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@etragedy: A golden/silver age roundtable is a good idea.  
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Meh still not as creepy as this.

Silver Age Superman comics are my favorite. They make me laugh at their oddness.

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I love going through golden age and silver age covers. I always laugh my ass off.

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