Off My Mind: Who Should Play Lois Lane in the New Superman Movie?

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Now that Superman has been cast in Zack Snyder's reboot film, the next big question is who should play Lois Lane? Some might argue that casting the villain should be next but when you think about Superman, you have to think about his one true love as well. 
We've seen a few different actress cast as the feisty reporter in recent years. We currently have Erica Durance on Smallville. In the last few decades we've also seen Kate Bosworth in Superman Returns, Teri Hatcher in Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman and of course Margot Kidder in the Christopher Reeve films. If the right actress isn't cast, it can be hard to believe that the ultimate hero from another planet would fall head over heels for a simple news reporter.  
With 27-year-old Henry Cavill as the Man of Steel, we had a discussion late last night in the Whiskey Media office. Here are some of the names that were thrown around. Keep in mind, these names are not from any official list of actress in the running.
 == TEASER ==  

Anne Hathaway 

She may pretty much be out of the running now that she's been cast in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises as Selina Kyle. Hathaway has taken a variety of different roles in her career. While the jury may still be out on whether or not she's right to be the love interest for Batman (we'll have to wait and see what Nolan's vision of her character is), she would've made a good Lois. The Dark Knight Rises is supposed to be the final installment in Nolan's trilogy. That means that by the time this Superman movie comes out, the Bat-franchise could be on its way to facing another reboot. Warner Bros. might not want an actress to play two different characters from the same comic book universe but Marvel didn't have a problem with Chris Evans being Captain America and the Human Torch. Of course there's also Ryan Reynolds playing Hal Jordan after sort of playing Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. If The Dark Knight Rises begins filming in May, she most likely wouldn't be available.

Natalie Portman 

Another actress that is playing a comic book character (Jane Foster in Thor). Portman also has taken on different roles. Chances are Portman's character won't have a part in The Avengers so that could open up her availability. She has already stated that she was not being considered for either Superman or The Dark Knight Rises. It was recently announced that Portman was expecting a child and I think it's safe to say that Snyder or Warner Bros. won't be going the Lois-with-child route that they did in Superman Returns. A good actress but the timing may be off for her to become a reporter. 

Rose Byrne 

Here we have yet another actress that will be portraying a comic book character. Byrne will be portraying Moira MacTaggert in Fox's X-Men: First Class. She's already faced dangers in 28 Weeks Later so she should be prepared to take on the dangers of being in Superman's world. It might be hard to see her as two different comic book characters in movies released so closely together. At least in Ryan Reynold's case there will have been 2 years between playing Hal Jordan and Deadpool (plus the fact that many of us are trying to forget what happened in that movie). 

Malin Ackerman 

One more actress familiar with comic book movies. In Watchmen she played a tough superhero character that didn't really have superpowers. She's used to the world of spandex and would have no problem getting situated in the movie version of Metropolis. Whether or not she could play the character of Lois Lane is another story. Besides Watchmen, most of her roles have been more in the line of romantic comedies. She might be able to take on the villains in the Watchmen universe but she might not be ready to face Superman's enemies. 

Michelle Monaghan 

Monaghan is familiar with action films with her appearance in Kiss Kiss Bang BangMission: Impossible III and Eagle Eye. I can't say that I've seen her in all her roles but looking at her, there almost seems to be something missing. She's also seven years older than Cavill, which may not necessarily completely rule her out. Lois Lane should be a little older or mature than Clark Kent. It's possible she could handle the character but something just seems off to me.

Rebecca Hall 

Here's another name that was mentioned in our office. I was about to say I wasn't really familiar with much of her work and then realized I just recently saw her in the Ben Affleck directed film, The Town. Again, I would have to say, in my opinion, she doesn't quite have the Lois Lane quality I'd want to see on the big screen. There's something about her eyes and smile that doesn't scream out Lois to me.  

Janet Montgomery 

This actress hasn't appeared in much but has been in Black Swan as well as a few episodes of Human Target. A lack of movie credits shouldn't rule her out of the running but I can't really comment on her acting skills and whether or not she could do Lois' character justice. Also, as with some of the others, her look doesn't really say "Lois Lane" to me.  

Rashida Jones 

This was a name that sort of came out of nowhere. You're probably familiar with her from The Social Network, Parks and Recreation and The Office. At first I was wondering why she would be mentioned. When I think of Rashida Jones, I think more of comedies. But thinking a little more, her acting quality could bring a little something to Lois' character. As Lois, you have to be quick on your feet and ready for anything. She wouldn't be my first choice but it is an interesting consideration. 

Rachel McAdams 

When I got home from the office last night I asked my wife who she thought should play Lois opposite of Henry Cavill's Superman and McAdams was the first name that came to mind. It was also one of the names we mentioned in the office as well. At first she might not seem right for the role but she has had several performances that shows off her spunky and determined nature. She might have to crank up her performance a tiny bit but I could see her playing the role and doing it justice. 

Evangeline Lilly 

I believe she was Norm's first choice, or at least at the top of his list. I think I might have to agree with him. Based on her character on Lost, she showed she's capable of taking on pretty much anything. She's handled crazy action, went through emotional scenes as well as intimate ones. I could easily see her carrying herself in a Lois Lane fashion. We need a Lois that is tough enough to hold off the villains until Superman is finished saving Jimmy Olsen and can save the day. 
That is the list we came up with. Zack Snyder and Warner Bros. may already have a list of their own in mind. Again, casting Lois is an important thing. Brandon Routh did a fine job as Superman in the last movie but I just wasn't convinced by Kate Bosworth's performance. The two of them together didn't convey the relationship that Clark and Lois have in the comics. McAdams and Lilly have my vote. Hopefully we'll be getting some word from Warner Bros. soon as far as the actual casting goes. Until then, do any of these ladies feel right to portray Lois Lane or do you have your own thoughts on who she should be?
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Of all the names listed, Rachel McAdams has my vote.

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Quite the list... G-man's been thinking hard on his Lois choices. :o) 
Sadly I only know about half the actresses listed, so I'll vote for Evangeline Lilly. Although I'm hoping for   Bridget Regan (Legend Of The Seeker) to get the role.

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Oh the list, my vote goes to Janet Montgomery. 

As for non-list? I may be a little biased with this choice, but I personally dig Jennifer Carpenter. Her roll on Dexter as deb shows her acting and great "in your face, on the scene" personality I think Lois Lane respectively should have. 
edit: I should note that Carpenter IMO also has a tad bit of the Erica Durance look that many fans of Smallville would enjoy/recognize.

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Evangeline Lilly!!!! :D  
All the other girls are busy with other superhero roles

#5 Posted by Sir Duke (126 posts) - - Show Bio

Get Jennifer Carpenter to play Lois Lane.  They already used her likeness for Earth One, might as well just cast her for the movie.

#6 Posted by Supreme Marvel (11568 posts) - - Show Bio

I said Rachel McAdams right after watching Sherlock Holmes film.

#7 Posted by Mercy_ (92784 posts) - - Show Bio

Erica Durance. She plays Lois to perfection.

#8 Posted by EisforExtinction (2014 posts) - - Show Bio

#9 Posted by jubilee042 (1376 posts) - - Show Bio

rose byrne

#10 Posted by Gokujam (71 posts) - - Show Bio
@The Dark Huntress:
Stop stop stop!!!!!!!! 
Ugh, let Smallville die already
#11 Posted by digimod (262 posts) - - Show Bio

Evangeline Lilly?  Please no.  After awhile I could not stand her in LOST - she bugged me almost as much as Kristin kreuk (Lana Lang) in Smallville.  Her acting ability just seems so limited. 
Rachel McAdams I can see in the role. 
How about Mila Kunis?

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I like Rose Byrne or Evangeline Lilly as Lois.
#13 Posted by kitsuneconundrum (204 posts) - - Show Bio

young sandra bullock

#14 Posted by .o0Johnny0o. (770 posts) - - Show Bio

My celebrity crush! Rashida Jones.. *swoon*

#15 Posted by darksoul7th (214 posts) - - Show Bio
@The Dark Huntress: word!
#16 Posted by Doctor!!!!! (2135 posts) - - Show Bio

They should pick someone who has hasn't been in anything lately..... 
Try Evangeline Lilly! Haven't seen her in forever!

#17 Posted by Supreme Marvel (11568 posts) - - Show Bio
@kitsuneconundrum said:
" young sandra bullock "
That might work.
Gets into the TARDIS!
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Rachel McAdam's  has my vote, she looks very close to the part.

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I'm thinking Olivia Wilde or Sophia Bush. I love Erica Durance as Lois (favorite actress as Lois) on Smallville but I think this movie needs to be its own and not be Smallville the movie. 

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I'm with Dark Huntress I think erica Durance would be a great Lois. In the future scenes on Smallville she changed her look alittle where you could feel the age difference so it wouldn't be a big jump for her. If not her i would go with Evangeline Lilly. She has the look.

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Zooey Deschanel or Emily Blunt

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Rachel McAdams definately... the only freckles in Superman is Jimmy!

#23 Posted by Adama (3 posts) - - Show Bio

Hard choice, but  Evangeline Lilly is my favorite.

#24 Posted by Kurrent (14260 posts) - - Show Bio

I think Amanda Crew would be great in the role...she is hot too haha

#25 Posted by teewillis1981 (145 posts) - - Show Bio

Rachel McAdams would make a PERFECT Lois Lane.

#26 Posted by Bestostero (5782 posts) - - Show Bio

Rachel McAdams :)

#27 Posted by Mercy_ (92784 posts) - - Show Bio

Only person off that list I would really like is Rachel.  
But I'd much prefer Erica. She just...she IS Lois. She plays her perfectly. 

#28 Posted by halfpastwhenever (143 posts) - - Show Bio

Rose Byrne for me - really liked her in 28 weeks later

#29 Posted by Jake Fury (21296 posts) - - Show Bio

If Mary Louise Parker wasn't too old she'd be perfect.
#30 Posted by ComicMan24 (147411 posts) - - Show Bio

Out of these choices, Rachel McAdams.
@The Dark Huntress:
I would like to see Durance too but I don't think this will happen.

#31 Posted by Alphaproto (409 posts) - - Show Bio

This list would be long for this one.
#32 Posted by kennybaese (1206 posts) - - Show Bio

Malin Ackerman is a horrible idea. I mean, she's cute, but she can't act her way out of a paper bag.  
I'm thinking Rachel McAdams. She's already part of WB's cast on Sherlock Holmes. WB seems to have this weird obsession with keeping all of their franchises completely separate, thoough, so I don't see that happening. 

#33 Posted by EdwardWindsor (14517 posts) - - Show Bio

 Evangeline Lilly!!!, shes so awesome 

#34 Posted by ImperiousRix (1144 posts) - - Show Bio

Rose Byrne, Rebecca Hall, or Rashida Jones.

#35 Posted by sladewilson30 (238 posts) - - Show Bio

what about one of these: Emmy Rossum, Kat Dennings, Summer Glau, Ashley Greene. Mila Kunis. These are all great actresses two and they could do Lois Lane.
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I say none of the above. Lets not have Lois in the movie at all. Whats the point really? How about we go totally off the page and have Superman actually be Super in this movie without all of the needless distraction that a love interest provides. It will just absorb screen time that could be spent exploring other aspects of Superman. I am tired of the doe-eyed Kent starring at Lois as she leaves the office wishing she would like him more than Superman. Enough, lets move on with something new.
#37 Posted by transportive (29 posts) - - Show Bio

I'll agree that a lot of these options don't really feel like Lois, to me. Actually, I think I'm going to cast my vote to McAdams, of these-- I've not seen her in a lot, but I know she's handled roles that lend to this part, and she has the right look for Lois. I could see her in the role, and doing well at it.

#38 Posted by Joe Venom (1290 posts) - - Show Bio

Amy Adams, loved her in Night the Museum 2

#39 Posted by Affliction (5 posts) - - Show Bio

Olivia Wilde 

#40 Posted by G-Man (39020 posts) - - Show Bio
@walkingcarpet: I was trying to be nice about Ackerman. Definitely not one of my choices. As for McAdams, Warner Bros. is investing in Ryan Reynolds who is still sorta attached to Deadpool. Same with RDJ and Iron Man. They might be willing to overlook the franchise thing if it's best for the movie. 
As for suggestions from others, all I have to say is try to picture each choice being opposite Henry Cavill. I've seen some good other suggestions but not sure how they would be in this movie.
#41 Posted by Norusdog (205 posts) - - Show Bio

Lois isn't some young-looking "cute" tart like Hathaway and Portman.  We saw what happened when we had a FAAAR too young looking lois in returns.  It was hard to take her seriously..and while I do like Hathaway and Portman (and most of the girls listed in the movies I've seen them in) almost NONE of the picks you have here fit even close.
of those you listed only really McAdam's and Lilly have the "look" that would befit a "strong" "serious" "no-bullshit" reporter like Lois Lane.
note -> none of what I say is in any way pointed at any of these actresses abilities to "act" or their "talent" just none of them, but MAYBE the two I mentioned, would "look" and "feel" the part.
who would I rather see? actress comes to mind that would look and feel the part of Lois Lane.

#42 Posted by Chris207 (251 posts) - - Show Bio

Alexis Bledel.
#43 Posted by kennybaese (1206 posts) - - Show Bio
@G-Man: True, but Iron Man and Deadpool are with different studios, so WB doesn't have any kind of control over it. I think, in house, WB will be wanting to keep everything as separate as possible. That, at least, has seemed like their strategy in the past with refusing to let Bruce Wayne show up in Smallville and the whole keeping their film universes independent from each other. 
#44 Posted by Bruce Vain (1833 posts) - - Show Bio

Honestly, I don't see why Erica Durance can't do it . I mean honestly she does a fantastic job as Lois. 
But if I could throw in an entry it would probably be Carla Gugino. Even though I wanted her as Catwoman. She can certainly play Lois, and plus she's worked with Snyder twice. 


#45 Edited by Circe (145 posts) - - Show Bio

Olivia Wilde is OVER RATED.
Evagaline Lilly FTW. She's superb and deserves this role!

#46 Posted by Mercy_ (92784 posts) - - Show Bio

Erica Durance

#47 Posted by queenfrost_ (2611 posts) - - Show Bio

Evageline. Evangeline.

#48 Posted by satanmode (388 posts) - - Show Bio

Rachel McAdams

#49 Posted by sweatboy (888 posts) - - Show Bio
When i think lois, i think dark hair (ok physical attributes when casting an actor is kind of unfair, since you dont go for talent but instead for height and stuff,...but look how Reeves, Routh and Cavill fit into Superman's role! Besides all these people are talented without doubt. AND hair can be died) sharp, mean features, ambitious in nature, PROFESSIONAL, independent, fast moving, calculating, maybe cunning and basically bitchy in a way,... I thought Kristen Kreuk's part in Smallville was WAY more Lois than Lana. Erica Durance is way to bubbly. Also,...before she falls for Clark, she was a bit of a promiscuous woman even though you dont want to think like that about Superman's WIFE, but then had a serious change in character after the relationship,...i mean WHO could match up to her current man. In a way, Lois didn't get the best guy but, Clark got the best girl. Clark too has shown a tendency to fall for the elite, Lana WAS a cheerleader and i doubt he seen better while in Smallville, and Lois was the image of success and professionalism or independence which was a big theme back in the day (so was Black Canary II, to me) and it would make sense that SUPERMAN, stronger and nobler than any man, should deserve a woman of equal stature (Teri Hatcher had a seasoned feel in HER ACTING compared to the noobish Dean Cain and did you know that behind the camera, they had a rough relationship as colleagues? Teri was in a league above Dean obviously, AND THAT is what Lois is about, my head, she's a woman who SMELLS like power, and knows how to use it. Given these choices, Michelle Monaghan and Natalie Portman look good, but Monaghan's "resume" (the movie examples) looks crappy
@teewillis1981 said:
" Rachel McAdams would make a PERFECT Lois Lane. "
i was gonna comment about her. i like her BUT....she kinda has baby face, too much of a sweatheart. SHE IS however older than she looks. She did play a different character in Mean Girls. i'll probably be thinking of all the other roles she played while watching her, (there's a reason why Toby McGuire, Routh, Dean Cain and other actors went well in their roles, they were RELATIVELY LESS KNOWN)  But for Lois, you NEED someone who can do it well
#50 Posted by SSFMM (185 posts) - - Show Bio

Out of all the people listed I think I would have to go with Rachel McAdams. 
I could actually see her playing a Lois Lane. 
Not downplaying the other actresses acting abilities but I feel that Rachel better suits the part.

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