Lois Lane relationships

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i really would like to see Lois start a relationship with someone other than supes right now, like bruce or ollie

it would be awesome to see how rattled the superman fanboys and the supes/WW haters get.

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Eh.. Isn't Lois already dating some guy?

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@ccraft: is she? i dont read too many supes books only unchained and bats/sups. regardless is she was dating bruce it would be very interesting on forums. bat and sup fans love going at it

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What a reliable, wonderful man he is.

Certainly he can live up to Clark.

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Lois and Bruce could work. So could Lois and B'wana.

But I think Green Arrow could be interesting. So would someone like Steel or something. Or even Lex Luthor.

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I would gladly looked at the romantic relationship Lois and Bruce Wayne.

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I liked the idea of Lois and Bruce ever since I was kid and saw how Bruce swept her off her feet in World Finest in he animated series.

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@karazorel: It would be interesting to look at this pair.

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