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Lois Lane Robot was created by Lex Luthor and his assistant Spalding from DNA of Lois Lane and Kryptonian technology taken from Brainiac to offer Luthor a different perspective on his plans. When he began his search for a replacement for the Orange Power Ring he wielded during the Blackest Night, the Lois Lane Robot accompanies him, offering him advice.
When thugs controlled by the new Mr. Mind attack LexCorp, Luthor activates her weapon programs, causing a large amount of guns to appear from within her chassis. She easily takes down the thugs, but cannot stop Luthor from being taken hostage. Within the mental world created by the Venusian worm, the robot consistently appears, allowing Luthor to realize what he's in and leading to the defeat of the worm. When the strange space/time anomaly in the Arctic causes the research team to lose control of themselves, the robot doesn't as she isn't a fully organic being.

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