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Wolverine lands, after being thrown through the air by Warren. A battle ensues with Warren, in firey-ash form, until he thrusts his hand into Wolverine's stomach. This causes Logan to have a flashback of him in a bathtub with Atsuko. He talk's of bringing her back the the States with him when he leaves Japan the following night. She says that she was born in Hiroshima, and will be proud to die in Hiroshima. He then pictures her bleeding, Warren with a sword, and the Nuke dropping. Back in the present, Logan is bleeding heavily from his stomach, while Warren is holding the heart he has just ripped from Wolverine's chest. Warren proceeds to swallow the heart and take Logan's coat. As Warren turns to leave, thinking Wolverine is dead, a gravely 'rrrr' comes from behind him. Warren attacks Wolverine, but to no avail as he is decapitated by the ol' Canucklehead. Things go white, and Logan is with Atsuko under a shade tree. She says that she can take away all his pain, but he will have to forfeit all memories of her. In doing so, this will sacrifice him of the pain of losing her. Out of the dream state, Logan regains consciousness as melting snow hits his face. He rises to find a beautiful sunset...alone in the woods.







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