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Back in the present, Wolverine continues to battle with Warren. Wolverine slices through him on many occasions, until Warren throws him through the roof of the temple they are inside of.

It is now the next morning, and Atsuko is pouring tea for Logan after spending the night together. They visit for a little bit about they previous night until Logan's blood splatters across Atsuko's face. She turns to the door and finds Lt. Warren standing over her with a rifle.

Atsuko springs into action, grabbing a sword and slashing Warren. She dives at him to strike a killing blow, only to have Lt. Warren ram the bayonet on his rifle through her chest, killing her. Wolverine arises....

Logan slices and dices on Warren, but he simply won't die. As it turns out, Warren also has some sort of power that immunes him from getting hurt.

The two men fight for a few more pages until they see a plane flying overhead. It drops some sort of cargo, but it was to small and too fast for Logan to see what it is.

It was the Nuclear warhead used to demolish Hiroshima in WWII. An explosion occurs, and the effects are shown on cars, bikes, and various ruble. The last page shows Logan walk on a pile of debris, half a skeleton, and on fire.







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