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Logan travels through the snow to a temple in Japan. He is struck by a large fiery beast that is yelling "Your Turn."

The next panel is black, and goes on to show a soldier staring at him. The man in front of him is Lieutenant Ethan Warren, and he is a Prisoner of War in WWII, sharing a cell with Logan.

Wolverine comes up with a plan to escape and Warren agrees to help. They jump 3 soldiers who come to take the prisoners. The two prisoners escape into the woods, taking 2 of the guards guns.

They come upon a surprised young woman on a bridge. Warren and Logan debate whether or not they should kill her. Wolverine tells Warren to walk away, and Warren does so.

The young woman praises Logan for saving her life and says she'll hide him during the next day until he can escape. She says her name is Atsuko, and her father was a kamikaze fighter.

She proceeds to make love to him, and when he asks, "Is this Heaven?" she tells him that he is in Hiroshima. The final panel is the of a sunset overlaying Atsuko's house, with Logan thinking Hiroshima is just about the most beautiful word he'd ever heard.







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