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Rhea when she 1st joined the Doom Patrol as Loadstone

Rhea Jones was the daughter of an Air Force officer who would spend long stretches from home because of secret missions. Her mother died from a fatal accident while her father was away on a mission. She stowed away on Air Force investigation plane to the Arctic, not believing both parents had perished.

She learned that the Arctic base's electromagnetic generator had severely malfunctioned and her father had volunteered to shut it down. Afraid of losing both parents, Rhea ran into the generator to stop him. The generator gave off a tremendous electromagnetic discharge that destroyed the building and killed Rhea's father.

The electromagnetic discharge affected her body's magnetic field and gave her super-human powers. The military gave her countless tests and examinations. She would later run away to a circus and be billed as "the strongest little girl in the world".

She would later join Celsius' version of the Doom Patrol. She would later lapse into a coma during Invasion. When she awoke and metamorphosized into a being where her eyes were on chest and back and her ears were two lights. She pointed to a star and left to explore it. She has not been seen since.


Rhea's strength

Her demonstrated abilities allowed her to fly, give herself Earth reinforced super strength, create limited force fields, and attract or repel metallic objects like bullets. After her metamorphosis Lodestone's abilities are not known however she exhibited far greater powers than her original form had.

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