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Locomotive Breath is a member of the Rush Club with two other members named Gunship and Sanction. These men fight, hunt and kill for the rush and would come into conflict with War Machine when their game comes to Philadelphia. Locomotive Breath's true identity is Laslo Magzel and claims to be a mutant from the country of Slorenia. Magzel claims to be immortal and his ability to build machine and devices made him an invaluable ally. Magzel is the man that designs the armor for his teammates and the candidates involved in their twisted game. Magzel created the 95 Model-Quarry suit for a candidate named Owen Segar who was an ex-Navy pilot whom Carson Rowntree aka Gunship knew from their old service days. Segar was down on his luck and living in a vets shelter in Philly when he was contacted by Rowntree. Segar agreed to participate in the game when he was offered big money, no questions asked. Segar got greedy after he received the suit and tried to run away but the Rush Club hunted him down in Philadelphia. Gunship chased after Segar into the city and Jim Rhode's band monitor flagged him of the aerial warfare taking place when he tuned his band to local emergency frequencies as a safety measure. Gunship nailed Segar with a cannon shell and he crashes through a building window. Segar attempted to take off when he was punched out by War Machine. Gunship engages War Machine in battle but Rhodes tosses his enemy into the street. Rhodes removes the armor mask from the Quarry suit and immediately recognizes Segar. Both men are suddenly blasted off their feet when Locomotive Breath and Sanction of the Rush Club appear. 
Locomotive Breath and Sanction engage War Machine while Gunship is ordered to eliminate Segar for good. Sanction slashes away with his claws but gets blasted by War Machine's uni-beam. Gunship unloads his shoulder cannons into Segar and War Machine is buried underneath some debris after Locomotive Breath unleashes a seismic shockwave with a powerful punch. Segar survived the assault and Rhodes took him to the hospital where Segar provided him all the information he knew about the Rush Club and a contact address in Baltimore. Rhodes would meet with Rowntree and offer him a chance to shut down the Rush Club before things get hostile. Rowntree knows Rhodes is War Machine and is licking at the chops for the opportunity to face off against the famous Avenger. They agree to meet at the Contraventure Redevelopment, east of Baltimore in two days to settle things once and for all. Sanction and Locomotive Breath refuse to get involved because War Machine is major league and the secrecy of the Rush Club would be exposed. Sanction and Locomotive Breath come up with a plan in case War Machine wins the fight. Gunship and War Machine meet mano-a-mano two days later but the Rush Club member is overwhelmed and outclassed. War Machine stands over the fallen Gunship when he gets hit in the back by an electro-mag pulse arrow shot by Sanction. 
War Machine finds himself shackled inside a dungeon shaft but he breaks free and discovers he is in the city of Tblunka, capital of the Baltic Nation of Slorenia. Locomotive Breath reveals his true identity to War Machine and tells him he has closed the Rush Club and his former associates, Gunship and Sanction were in the custody of the Baltimore Police Department. Magzel tells War Machine that he wants to make amends and needs War Machine's help to stop the atrocities perpetrated by the Slorene Government. However it was all a ruse and Magzel knew that War Machine would be capable of occupying the Black Brigade while he could retrieve a power source called the eternal triptych. This power source was flowing with the energy of a man called Ember who was the champion of the Dudak people. Magzel discovered the location of this device and wanted the power all to himself. Locomotive Breath could not handle the power of the ember triptych and was destroyed. Magzel's misguided actions would resurrect Ember.  


Locomotive Breath was created by Dan Abnett and David Chlystek in 1995 and first appeared in War Machine # 12. 

Abilities & Paraphernalia

Magzel claims to be a mutant that has the ability to build machines, armors and other technological devices with ease. Magzel also created his Locomotive Breath armor that granted him superhuman strength, durability and resistance to injury.

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