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 They've been up/down/around/about/forward/backward. They've gone to the jungle/ocean/Central Park/outer space. They've scratched/pawed/clawed/gnawed their way throughout all existence, ALL for this moment! Now they've FINALLY found all of the Infinity what's a moon-puppy to do when he's given all the power in the universe? FIND OUT HERE!!!! Featuring a VERY special presidential puppy appearance!  
The Pet Avengers now face the danger of Thanos as he tries to get the gems away from the Pet Avengers for his own use. The Pet Avengers try form a plan of attack so that they can get the gem away from Thanos. But Hairball decides to jump and attack Thanos without a plan. 
As Thanos tried to blast Hairball, Ms. Lion jumped in the way of the shot, taking the hit instead. Hairball showed that despite that fact he picked on Ms. Lion, that he still cared for the dog. Hairball got furious and showed how much power one of the gems could really hold.
The Pet Avengers then attacked Thanos started with Throg, who was quickly swatted away by Thanos. Zabu then managed to trip Thanos up. But when the rest of the Pet Avengers went and attacked Thanos but they were all quickly struck down by Thanos, leaving with Lockjaw a tough choice... give the gems over or keep fighting on.
Lockjaw then decides to give the gems over to Thanos, much to the disappointment of Throg, he then grabs the collar that Ms. Lion gave him and he stuffed all the gems in Lockjaw's collar.
And then Lockjaw used all these gems and gave a powerful blast Thanos' way. It surprised him that the dog was able to do that. But the two quickly engaged in a battle, blast against blast as Lockjaw teleported them in various parts of the universe. The battle lasted for awhile. But just as Thanos thought he was winning, Lockjaw then managed to get the gem from him and the teleport Thanos to an abandoned part of the universe.
Lockjaw returned to the Pet Avengers victorious with all the gems in hand. He then made a telepathical bond between the Pet Avengers before he transported them all to their homes. And Lockjaw returned to Black Bolt and Reed Richards with the gems much to their amazement... that the universe was saved, by a team of animals.

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