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If you thought battling Devil Dinosaur was bad, you were barking up the wrong tree! Join Lockjaw and the rest of the Pet Avengers on a voyage under the sea! Their search continues for the Infinity Gems, and it leads them right to the bottom of the ocean. Can they find the gem before drowning or getting eaten by Giganto? If you don't pick up the third part of this fan-favorite series, you're all wet!
After they brave after adventure through the Savage lands, battling with devil dinosaur. They then find themselves falling out of the sky and into the ocean below. Despite the efforts Redwing and Lockheed to save them, the Pet Avengers plunge into the ocean.
But after doing so, they are saved, being encased in bubbles by Sea turtles, local guardians of Atlantis. Throg and the Pet Avengers ask the Turtles if they can help them find one of the remaining Infinity Gems. The turtles agree to help them find it... only to lead them right to the sleeping giant Giganto.
Thanks to Hairball's scream of terror of actually being in the water, Giganto awakens and then swallows the Pet Avengers with one gulp.
So they now sit on the tongue of the large creature trying to find a way to get out, as they do so, they discover one of the remaining infinity gems as Ms. Lion accidentally stumbles upon it. 
After this, Lockjaw then manages to get the strength to actually teleport them from the creatures mouth and onto the lawn of the white house, where the last Infinity Gem is located, (around the collar of Bo Obama, the first dog). 
Throg then devises a plan to get them inside the White house to find the Infinity Gem. Dragging the exhausted and heavy Lockjaw with them, they get inside by traveling inside a box that gets transported inside the White House.
So they then drag Lockjaw as the go through the White house, even dragging him a flight of stairs to get to their goal. But as they do, they encounter Bo Obama on the stairway, seeing that he has the gem they're looking for. Bo Obama runs off and they give chase, only to find that Bo has been grabbed by Thanos! Who demands that they hand over the gems. What will the Pet Avengers do now? Read the next issue to find out!

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