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The hunt is on! Earth’s Cuddliest Heroes have ventured deep into the dangerous Savage Land, where ne’er has a house-broken animal escaped! Will the help of Zabu the Saber-Toothed Tiger be enough to save the Pet Avengers’ furry necks, so they can SAVE THE UNIVERSE AS WE KNOW IT?????? Featuring GORGEOUS covers by KARL KERSCHL and NIKO HENRICHON!!!
As they teleported into the Savage lands, they then came face to face with a local T-Rex there. But the Pet Avengers are saved by Zabu the Sabretooth Tiger, who intercedes for them.
He then agrees to join the Pet Avengers as they go on their quest in find the Infinity Gems. As they do so, they then use the gem they have to transport to the location of the gem.... which ends up keeping them in the Savage lands, but it transports back in time... where they meet up with non intelligent prehistoric version of Devil Dinosaur. 
So then the Pet Avengers run away from the Devil Dinosaur, this when they realize that they are back in time... and that the gem is in Devil Dinosaur's nest full of eggs. So they devise a plan to distract the dinosaur as they get the gem.
Ms. Lion then becomes the bait of sorts, leading the Dino away right into the hands of the Pet Avengers, who attack Devil Dinosaur as Lockjaw and Ms. Lion get the gem.
But as they get it, Ms. Lion blows their cover, sending the dinosaur their direction until Lockjaw teleports them to safety.
But as Zabu tries to distract the creature so that they can get to safety... Ms. Lion once again blows their cover. And they get chased by the Devil dinosuar, getting separated from Zabu. 
They then get stuck between the dinosaur and tall cliff with Zabu following behind. So they quickly form a plan and run straight towards Devil Dinosaur, heading to Zabu. 
Just as they all manage to touch paws, (or wings or claws...), Lockheed then manages to transport them all out of the jaws of Devil Dinosaur. But only to find themselves right above the ocean! What's gonna happen to them next??

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