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LockJaw n'em ASSEMBLE!: Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers #1

Now,I was a bit skeptical coming into this book because this seems like another one of those gimmick books like Marvel Apes or Marvel Zombies,but actually this book is very well written and after reading 3 issues..I have yet to see any bad art.So basically what it is is Lockjaw has a task and he needs help doing it so he assembles a team of superhero pets like him.They are so cute with their little animal adventures,fighting T-rex's and what not. 
I would definitely recommend buying this and the variants just for the art.A an Avengers fan I was thoroughly satisfied.In fact I liked this more than some issues of Dark,New,and Mighty Avengers. 
I give it a 4.5 OUT OF  5.


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    No, I'm not kidding, this book was ridiculous, in a good way. So, if you haven't read the plot summary, then you don't know that this is about a group of Super-Powered animals, and one non-super powered dog named Ms. Lion (shh, he's a boy dog) that find an infinity gem and they go on a search for the other ones.::standing ovation::Thank you Marvel Comics, thank you. This book's plot is so out there that I finally believe in the glory that was once Marvel Comics. The book isn't "laugh out loud" f...

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