sora_thekey's Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers #1 review

Rated A for Awesome

Mostly everybody thinks that Rated A comic books are boring or dumb because there's no sex or blood and gore.... well to all of you who think that you are wrong!

It has been a very long time since you can see a comic book that is purely fun and entretaining.
The plot was good since it's about thing we all know: The Infinity Gems. What is weird is that this time pets will take over the hero bussines. I personally picked this up not for Lockjaw but for Lockheed who is one of my favorite X-Men. It has drama in a way because Lockheed is still mourning over all the losses he's expirienced. It's funny because an unexpected pet was shown: Ms. Lion. As a self claiming superhero pet he joins the party into the search for the Infinity Gems!

Also the art was very good very lively something you should see when talking about pets...
I like the fact that every character has an attitude you never saw before:

Lockjaw can be a hero and fearlesss leader
Hairball is fiesty
Redwing is a pompus brat
Ms. Lion is very dumb
Throg talks a lot but is very loyal
and Lockheed after everything he's been through he became somewhat of an Emo

Read it! It's fun! Intreasting! and come on it has pets in it!!!

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Posted by SilverZeo

You haven't picked up Sonic series recently, have you? It has this kind of stuff too.

Posted by wang


Posted by sora_thekey

Yeah well I'm preety much a Marvel reader.....

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