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Knuckles' dad, Locke, is one of the Brotherhood of Haven, which consists of the fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers of previous Guardians. He was married to Lara-Le, Knuckles' mother. However, they disagreed constantly on how Knuckles should be raised; Lara-Le would have preferred a normal upbringing for their son, while Locke wanted Knuckles to follow the harsh and strict path of becoming a Guardian. Eventually they divorced, but Locke still loves Lara-Le. Locke's approach to raising his son seemed to consist of tough love and little affection. In fact, Kunckles didn't even know he HAD all these ancestors until Knuckles' #21. He was so skeptical, he wasn't even sure if they were all who they said they were. In issue #22 he said "What kind of family keeps everything such a secret?" Locke regrets that he wasn't much of a father to his son, but still loves him, of course.

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