captain_bintang's Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft #1 - WeLCoMe To LoVeCRaFT, Chapter One review

Worth Unlocking

This series had passed me by, but I now see it`s had two or three volumes and a proposed television series! It was the `Lovecraft` word that drew me, and looking at the cover I thought Locke & Key was a Cthulhu Mythos based story...
It isn`t. It`s a mysterious dark fantasy, although we don`t really get too much of that until the last couple of pages. Welcome To Lovecraft concerns itself with telling us, the readers, about the unfortunate Tyler and how he comes to stay at the imposing gothic manse, Keyhouse.
Tyler, his sister and little brother are at their parents, painting the holiday house. Tyler`s father it seems is a guidance councilor, and two of his psychotic subjects, Al Grubb and Sam Lesser, have tracked him to the house. Whilst, Tyler and his siblings are down by the river, Al and Sam are raping the mother and murdering the father. Upon hearing a gunshot, Tyler intervenes...
After the funeral, the distraught Tyler and surviving family are invited to stay at Keyhouse, in Massachusetts by an uncle. Once there, the youngest boy, Bode, discovers a key to a locked door...

I thought it was wonderfully written and very well constructed. It flows smoothly, even when flashing back to the Locke murders. My only gripe would be the art. Some of it is excellent, but I don`t find Rodriguez consistent enough, and his characters get rather `cartoonish`...but, it is quite bloody in parts - hooray!
But overall, looks intriguing and worth checking out...

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