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On a bitter winter day, Kinsey Locke encounters a madwoman who just might be able to unlock the darkest secrets of Keyhouse, but forcing the truth out of her won't be easy, and besides... Dodge has no intention of ever giving Erin Voss a chance to tell what she knows...

Full Plot

The issue starts with two men shoveling snow off the side walk. One is making racist comments about President Obama as a black woman pushes another black woman in a wheelchair. As Tyler, Kinsey, Jordan, and Zach walk by, the woman in the wheelchair starts to scream the names Dodge and Rendell at them. The two women continue into a gated residence and the woman pushing reveals that the woman in the wheelchair is Erin Voss. Remembering the name, Kinsey implores Mrs. Voss for information about Keyhouse and her father. Mrs. Voss simply yells back "No! White! White! WHITE!" Kinsey wonders why Erin is scared until the man who was shoveling snow points out that the residence is McClellan Psychiatric Hospital. Kinsey wants to seek answers from Erin but Tyler simply wants life to be normal.

Kinsey is back at Keyhouse with Scott and Jamal, remembering Erin's name being on the wall in the drowning cave, while through the door Bode is eavesdropping. Kinsey is astounded that Erin acted that way just because she was white, citing that Erin was friends with her father. She wonders how to get in when Jamal mentions that it isn't difficult to get in and that his uncle used to work there until racism forced him to quit. Kinsey decides that she'll go Saturday. Scott points out that the problem isn't getting in, the problem is she's still white.

The two men who were shoveling snow are now in the bar when Zach, who has used the gender key to become a girl, approaches them. Zach asks them about McClellan and then tells them a story about how she bet someone Erin Voss was in there. As proof she asks them to take a picture of Erin and specifies that the picture must include the door to her room. The man answers that Zach can expect the pictures on Saturday.

Bode is standing before Kinsey with something held behind his back. Bode reveals that he can fix it so that Erin will talk to her, but only if Kinsey and Tyler start including him when making plans. Kinsey asks how he is going to help her talk to Erin when he pulls a mirror from behind his back. The mirror enables a person looking into it to take on the appearance of another ethnicity.

Kinsey and Bode, both now black, are sitting across from a black boy on a bus. Kinsey comments on how a woman won't sit down, even though there is an empty seat. Bode remarks that maybe she's getting off at the next stop, which she does. Kinsey wonders if it really mattered why she wouldn't sit, that "Maybe it just sucks not knowing." The boy sitting across from them states that "Mostly it just sucks not knowing."

Kinsey and Bode arrive at McClellan as the photo that Zach requested is being taken. One of the snow shoveling guys enters Erin's room to take more photos as the other guards the door. As the man shuts the door to Erin's room a disguised and knife-wielding Zach uses the Anywhere Key to enter. Zach kills the man in the room and Erin begins to scream, alerting the man outside. He enters, sees Zach and flees to the room across the hall, with Zach in pursuit. Kinsey enters Erin's room. Not noticing the body hidden behind her, she uses the Head Key to peer into Erin's mind, to find only white walls with Rendell written on one wall with a valentine's heart picture of him, and scrawled on the other wall is Dodge and the Omega Key. In the foreground of her mind is Kinsey opening Erin's head and a masked man holding two knives over a body on a bed. Kinsey realizes that Erin's thoughts quickly fade away and that what is in her mind is the present. She turns to see the body as a nurse comes and she runs from the room.

Back at Keyhouse, as the television shows news of racial prejudice, Kinsey relates to Tyler how Bode and she could not hail a cab until they had become white again. Tyler says that at least the authorities are not looking for Kinsey, to which Kinsey doesn't know how to feel. The final segment on the news is the search for "an African-American, in her teens or early twenties."

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