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Life and Death

Lobster Johnson was a gangbusting vigilante in the 1930s, killing gangsters and other criminals and burning his trademark lobster claw mark on their foreheads. He managed to put together a group of allies who aided him in his fight against crime, however after the events that occurred in 1937 all of his allies but one were killed. Together with his sidekick he had a variety of adventures, eventually turning his crime fighting attention on the growing threat of Nazism. His efforts against the Nazis were sometimes unsuccessful, one of which included destroying a train full of scientists on their way to The Manhattan Project which eventually caused the death of his sidekick.

His final mission was an attempt to stop the Nazis from launching a space capsule from inside an old castle. In attempting to stop the capsule from launching, he caused the castle launch site to explode killing himself and all others within its walls. It would not be the end of Lobster Johnson.

The Legacy and Him in Modern Times

For a long time, Lobster Johnson was considered a fictional character that appeared in comics, pulp magazines, and movies. His real alias was "The Lobster" and Johnson was the last name of his alter ego Walter Johnson, created from the author of the pulp stories.

In modern times Lobster Johnson has appeared as an extremely powerful ghost, able to form a totally physical body at will, possess people and guide Hellboy and others during their own adventures. He acted as a spiritual guide for Roger and Hellboy and helped defeat the Conqueror Worm, however Hellboy and Roger soon found out that The Lobster who helped them has been dead since World War II when they found his decaying body in the castle. They buried the body of the Lobster and gave him a proper funeral.

The Lobster later appeared when he took over the spirit of Johann Kraus and shot Liz Sherman repeatedly, however the bullets didn't kill Liz only the ghost of Memnan Saa who possessed her. After which the Lobster vanished taking Johann's spirit along with him. The B.P.R.D later found several of The Lobster's calling cards, discovered his old lair, and met an old ally who was still alive.

Later on the Lobster was found and driven to the place where his body was buried by Dr. Kate Corrigan and her friend Bruno in hopes that his spirit will be put to rest and he will free the spirit of Johann Kraus. Bruno asks what would happen if they put the Lobster to rest and he takes Johann's spirit with him. Kate dismisses this hoping not to lose another friend like Roger. Once they find where Hellboy and Roger buried the Lobster's body, Kate asks the Lobster what he thinks of his buried body and his only words are "it's sad". Kate agrees saying that it isn't how a hero should be buried. Bruno fixes the grave and the Lobster disappears, as Kate begins to panic because Johann's spirit is no where to be seen. It was later revealed that the Lobster left to find the spirits of his former comrades. Once he found them he was reunited with them in the afterlife and was finally put to rest, bringing Johann's Spirit back to life.

Powers and Abilities

When The Lobster was alive, he was only a regular human being. Although he was an expert marksman and a professional hand to hand fighter.

After his death the Lobster's ghost became one of the most powerful ghost in the Hellboy universe. He was able to form a corporeal body at will and able to burn his sign onto the foreheads of his victims. The Lobster's powers greatly increased after his death, unlike the ghost of Rasputin who's power was greatly weakened after his death.

Other Media


Lobster Johnson: The Satan Factory

"Hellboy's premier crime fighter in an all-new novel!
Where greed and the occult walk hand in hand, where mobsters and monsters prowl the streets, none escape the justice of Lobster Johnson!
In the years before World War II, Jonas Chapel was a respected physician, until his appetite for vice got the best of him and he found himself on the run from one of New York's most powerful mob bosses. On the lam in Mexico, Chapel stumbles across a powerful witch and a cursed skeleton -- and the power to transform men into monsters. Now, he's back in New York, selling his creations to the highest bidder.
Only one man, backed by his team of trusted sidekicks, stands in his way. But will the Lobster's resolve be enough to shut down Chapel's twisted Satan Factory -- before New York itself is consumed?
A new novel by the author of the top-rated ABC Family television miniseries Fallen."
  • Written By: Thomas E. Sniegoski
  • Cover By: Gregory Manchess
  • Publisher: Dark Horse (July 22, 2009)
  • ISBN-10: 1-59582-203-8
  • ISBN-13: 978-1-59582-203-1

Video Games

Lobster Johnson appears in Hellboy: Science of Evil for Playstation 3 & XBox 360. He is voiced by Bruce Campbell.

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