Who should play Lobo in a movie?

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Searched the Lobo forum and didn't see it.
It was rumored a while that there was going to be a Lobo movie, but we pretty much know now that it ain't happening. 
But who would you get to play The Main Man?
My choice:

Andrew Bryniarski
Yes, he played Lobo in the Paramilitary Christmas Special. Did a damn fine job too.
He is only 41 years old. Still looks good enough to reprise the role.  Another role he did that fit well was Zangief in that god aweful Street Fighter film.
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Lobo doesn't need a movie, imo

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Lobo is too bada$$ for movies.

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I agree. But what the thread is talking about is who you think should play him if they happened to make one.

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get gene simmons some steroids and a bowflex and his kiss facepaint

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justin chatwin
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@BiteMe-Fanboy: That is a good question.
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Gerald Butler

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@ssjjanemba said:

" justin chatwin "

....say wha?
@King Quisling said:
" Gerald Butler "

not bad. alot of buffing out to do. but he could probably do it.
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here is lobo 
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@ssjjanemba said:
here is lobo 
lmfao. if he was younger. maybe. but Danny Trejo is definately a bad mofo.
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Ray liotta  (nuff said)
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Holy space dolphins. Ray Liotta would be awesome as Lobo.
Good one, man.
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@BiteMe-Fanboy:Andrew Bryniarski also played leatherface. He is pretty intense!

 Great Googlymoogly!
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I like the Gene Simmons idea, ha.

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I'd like to see Kevin Durand take a crack at it. He has the physical build for it and a lot of his characters seem to have that "bastich" quality about them.

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Jason Momoa.

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Kevin Durand easily. He would do it perfectly, IMO. I love that guy, very underrated actor. Theirs some interesting picks on here. Amazed no one mentioned Jeffery Dean Morgan (The Comedian) I wouldn't really want him to be Lobo, though.

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Danny Trejo can be anyone he wants to be and it would still be fantastic. lol

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Trejo 10-15 years ago would have been awesome. If he was CGI Ray Liotta would be cool, but again I think he's too old now. Bryniarski did a great job in the Xmas special. I wouldn't mind seeing him do it again.

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Let me think on this...

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Mickey Rourke.

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@Nefarious said:

Pre-hair cut I'd have said good choice. But he looks silly with a wig.

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Knowing today's world, The Rock will end up getting the role. But I think Bill Goldberg would be a BA pick.

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Ron Perlman, perhaps.

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@ArturoCalaKayVee: Good point.
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richardjohngrayson is the only one with right answer. Mickey Rourke would be perfect as Lobo. Just think Marv from Sin City. The ONLY other acceptable answer would be Ron Perlman. Lobo's attitude wouldn't be too much different than Hellboy.

These are the only two acceptable answers. All others are wrong. This is not a matter of opinion. It's a matter of fact.

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My choice:

I would like to see Lobo cameo in a Green Lantern movie, where Hal, John, Guy, and Kyle are tracking down Kanjar Ro, and Guy and Kyle get into a fight with the Main Man, when he finds out who they're after, because he wants the bounty on him.

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Rob Zombie on steroids

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