What would happen if lobo "Died"

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I know lobo can't die, but what would happen if say, imperiex incinerated him to nothing?

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I would buy the issue, just for the sake of seeing a character that I don't like getting owned.

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-_____________- meh ur mom anyway


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Then he would return in a few months and it would turn out he didn't die, he just went on vacation.

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Ok then...

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He cannot die, he's banished from the afterlife

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Would anyone notice?

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I reckon he'd turn up at the gates of Heaven or Hell, light a cigar, and then proceed to pistol whip his way through the afterlife until someone finally fixed him up with a new body and sent him back.

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I would be happy.

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He would still manage to light a cigar.

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No one would miss him.

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He'd become a ghost. It's happened before.

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