Lobo MTV series

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So it seems, as i'm going by this site, that there was a short-lived ultra-violent MTV cartoon starring the infamous Lobo.

Why does the internet seem to have nothing regarding this? Does it exist? Can it be watched/bought? Any help would be great, cos it sounds brilliant!

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It can be watched. All of the episodes are on this site but they are on a flash player and you have to download them. http://www.lobobrasil.com.br/english/downloads.html

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Is this true?

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@mr.obvious: Yes its true. I even checked. The episodes are on a flash so its not real episodes but its as close to episodes as you can get. All the flash episodes have games on them so you have to skip through them to get to the scenes.

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@mr.obvious said:

Is this true?

Yeah, it's true. It's hard as hell to find it on the internet though. I seen them once. There was around 14 episodes. They were pretty cool.

The site SiycoBat posted has them for download..

Thanks for the link, guy! I been wantin' to watch these again for a long time...

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@BiteMe-Fanboy: XD No problemo! Oh and just to put it out there, I'm a girl. :)

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the site says it's an MTV series, but these were posted on WB website. was there an MTV series or was this series put on MTV at some point?

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I saw the show. It was pretty good.

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